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Stop and Check Your Brakes

Don’t set yourself up for failure on your runs; check your brakes before and after your trips! Orange + Black has your back when it comes to reducing…
View More May 28, 2024

Eating on the Road - Brain Food

Orange + Black has your back when it comes to dining on the road. What you eat can affect your mental well-being, brain function, mood regulation,…
View More May 22, 2024

Maximize Your Earnings as a Team

Want to earn more as a driver? Form a team to maximize your earning potential. The best move to build your trucking business may be to form a…
View More May 21, 2024

Expand Your Fleet with Teams

Your business expertise plus Roadrunner’s Smart Network opens a world of money-making opportunities. By forming truck driving teams, your fleet can…
View More May 16, 2024

April is Record-Keeping and Data Management Month

We can all use a reminder to keep things up to date, since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, meaning it’s better to prepare now before…
View More Apr 12, 2024

Watch Your Speed!

Accidents involving OTR trucks can be caused by several variables, including road conditions, weather, driver experience, and adherence to safety…
View More Apr 12, 2024

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business

It is crucial to back up and protect your data, especially when running your own business. Why is this important? For example, in 2009, T-Mobile used…
View More Mar 26, 2024

Check Your Truck Lights!

Lack of vehicle maintenance is one of the top reasons Owner Operators are cited for a safety violation if they’re pulled over. As an owner-operator…
View More Mar 25, 2024

Meet the Recruitment Team

At Roadrunner, we understand that embarking on a new career path or seeking opportunities as an Owner Operator can be a complex and demanding…
View More Feb 21, 2024