Stop and Check Your Brakes

Post Date - May 28, 2024

Don’t set yourself up for failure on your runs; check your brakes before and after your trips! Orange + Black has your back when it comes to reducing the risk of violations. The top 5 brake violations are:

  1. Brake hose or tubing not secured against damage
  2. Brake hose or tubing is inadequate
  3. Out of adjustment brakes
  4. Defective and inoperable brakes
  5. Leaks or constrictions in break connections

Photos for reference:

Before you take off complete the following in-cab brake checks:

  1. Static leakage test
  2. Applied leakage test
  3. Air compressor governor cut-in/cut-off pressures
  4. Low air pressure warning device test
  5. Verify the trailer brake lights come on automatically
  6. Rate of pressure buildup
  7. Test service brakes

Lastly, when you’re inspecting the equipment when you G.O.A.L. (Get Out And Look), check these items for defects:

  1. Brake hoses/lines- make sure they’re secure and not cracked, too worn, or leaking.
  2. Brake chamber- ensure it’s securely mounted, not leaking, cracked, or dented.
  3. Air hoses- listen for air leaks and check that they aren’t too worn or cut.
  4. Slack adjuster- check for missing, loose, or broken parts.
  5. Push rod- The angle of the push rod and the adjuster arm should not be less than 90 degrees when the brakes are applied.
  6. Brake linings- The lining thickness should not be less than ¼" thick. Lining should NOT be broken, separated from the metal base, or covered in oil or grease.

Stay Diligent.

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