Safety is Our G.O.A.L.

Post Date - Feb 8, 2024

As you know, safety is always Roadrunner’s number one priority. A crucial component of safety is visibility. One way you can always remember to operate safely is by practicing G.O.A.L., which stands for Get Out And Look. The G.O.A.L. process is a crucial safety practice for owner operators and anyone involved in the operation of commercial vehicles.

The primary purpose of G.O.A.L. is to ensure that you have a clear view of your surroundings, especially the blind spots, before moving your vehicle. Here are some reasons why G.O.A.L. is important for safety and how to implement this routine in your daily activities:

  • Trailer Inspection: You should check your trailer before you set off, after you fuel up, and when you arrive at your destination. Check to make sure that the tires, headlights, and other areas are in working order.
  • Visibility of Blind Spots: Commercial vehicles, especially large trucks and trailers, have significant blind spots. These blind spots can hide pedestrians, other vehicles, or obstacles.
  • Obstacle Detection: One of the most common accidents includes backing up into stationary objects. Visually inspect the area around your vehicle for obstacles such as curbs, rocks, debris, or other hazards that may not be visible from the driver's seat.
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety: Checking for pedestrians and cyclists who may be in close proximity to your vehicle is crucial.
  • Accuracy in Maneuvering: Precision is especially important in crowded or confined spaces where a slight misjudgment can lead to accidents or damage.
  • Compliance with Regulations: State and company regulations vary, but a personal log may be required. Stay up to date with your state’s laws about maintaining records of personal inspections done when you G.O.A.L.

It's important to note that while G.O.A.L. is widely recognized as a best practice for safety, specific regulations and guidelines may vary by region. Always refer to local laws and regulations governing commercial vehicle operations. Drive safe!