Roadrunner Launches Haul Now App TM for Long-Haul Truck Drivers

Post Date - Dec 30, 2022

The Most Advanced App in the LTL Industry: an “Absolute Game Changer”

Empowers Entrepreneur Owner Operators and Teams to Schedule Loads, Track Settlements and Run Their Businesses

Roadrunner, transportation’s greatest comeback story, a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier specializing in long haul metro-to-metro shipping, announced the launch of its new Haul Now TM app. Designed for long-haul owner-operators and teams, the free app enables them to schedule their own loads, track their settlements and run as many miles as possible. Haul Now TM allows drivers to maximize the profitability of their trucking business while providing them the freedom to work when they want and go where they want.

“Haul Now TM is a game-changer because it gives drivers autonomy over their businesses,” said Roadrunner’s Head of Technology, Operations and Linehaul Tomasz Jamroz. “For all the talk about the Uberization of freight, this is the real deal – drivers can finally schedule their own loads. The more miles they drive, the more pay they earn. This is consistent with our mission of empowering entrepreneurs to pursue the American dream, Haul Now TM means less downtime and more earnings for drivers.”

Haul Now TM provides a single place for drivers to choose loads, plan consecutive trips, update status, check settlements, review routes and loads, contact terminal dispatchers, receive important reminders in real time, and reach out for help if necessary. This is done via functionality that currently exists only in consumer ride sharing apps such as Lyft and Uber. Haul Now TM is the most advanced app in the LTL industry and another example of Roadrunner’s Smart Technology revolution in the last year which includes enhancements in automation, big data analytics, and quantitative modeling.

Roadrunner has built an internal team focused on product-centric design and a continuous development life cycle with multiple planned subsequent releases. In Haul Now TM 2.0, Roadrunner is planning to open the platform to external drivers and partners to enable enhanced visibility for customers and further enable their Owner Operator model. Owner Operators interested in using Haul Now TM should contact Roadrunner at 866.718.5705.

Using GPS location and hours of service (HOS) available, Haul Now TM allows drivers to find available loads at their desired terminal and filter by the number of miles they want to drive. Roadrunner’s proprietary algorithm ensures optimal driver assignment by preselecting teams vs. solo drivers, or selecting hazmat if required to assign the best drivers and ensure strict service and fast transit standards are being met. The easy-to-use interface shows critical terminal information such as an address, hours of operation, and contact information all in one centralized location. Assigned loads are stored in one place for easy review of pickup details, rate per mile, destination information, and more. Additionally, all settlement information is easily viewed to see the total money earned and what payments are pending.

Roadrunner uses the latest mobile tech stack with a strong focus on the speed and integrity of the information available to drivers in real-time. The app utilizes the latest tracking technologies, machine learning algorithms and AI, as well as IoT integration.

“The Roadrunner technology team has worked on this app that utilizes the latest technology advancements in app development,” said David Rumpf, Director of Technology. “It will be available at launch in both the Google Play and Apple App stores. We have designed this app working closely with our drivers, linehaul team, and our UX/UI product team, and we are extremely proud to demonstrate our internal technology capabilities.”

“Roadrunner is revolutionizing the LTL industry, starting with our long-haul Driver Partners,” said Chris Jamroz, Roadrunner Executive Chairman of the Board. “When we started developing Haul Now TM, our latest technology project, we set out to create the world’s best app for drivers and demonstrate that Roadrunner is the ‘Smart Long Haul’ choice. The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming. We are excited, because we’re just getting started.”

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About Roadrunner

Roadrunner is the smart choice for shippers looking to move freight quickly and reliably at a great value. Our optimized, data-driven network moves direct from metro to metro without rail and with full visibility. As the most flexible nationwide LTL long haul carrier, we partner with experienced owner operators and teams drivers. More than 1,000 drivers leverage our network to empower their businesses and are motivated to deliver freight on time, intact, and damage free. With 1,250 employees, Roadrunner specializes in Smart Long Haul™, metro-to-metro shipping and has more direct routes between its 36 service centers than its traditional hub and spoke peers. Demonstrating a significant reduction in rail use, 100% of Roadrunner’s miles are run by drivers. Roadrunner's Net Promoter Score (NPS), an indicator of customer willingness to recommend a company’s services, jumped 26%. Roadrunner was recognized by Newsweek as one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies in 2022. (PINK: RRTS)

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