Meet the Recruitment Team

Post Date - Feb 21, 2024

At Roadrunner, we understand that embarking on a new career path or seeking opportunities as an Owner Operator can be a complex and demanding process. We prioritize your ease and convenience and aim to make the entire process as straightforward as possible.

Meet the recruitment team at Roadrunner who’s here for you during your journey to becoming a Roadrunner partner!

Kendra, Director of Driver Recruiting:

With over 16 years of experience in the recruiting and transportation industry, Kendra leads by example and ensures that at Roadrunner: We Run Safe, We Run Smart, We Run Together. Kendra always lends an ear to offer support and eliminate roadblocks to help the team and applicants achieve success. Outside of work, Kendra enjoys traveling, spending time with her family, and working out.

Lucy, Recruiting Lead:

Lucy has 23 years of experience in the dynamic world of recruiting and transportation. Her favorite quote is, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do,” and it shows! Through communication, empathy, industry knowledge, and persistence, Lucy works to help her team and drivers.

Esmerelda, Recruiter:

Esmerelda has been recruiting for the past 23 years and is passionate about her job! She dedicates her time as a recruiter to listening to drivers, asking them questions, and finding the best solutions for them.

Gloria, Recruiter:

Gloria has been with Roadrunner since 2018 and recruited the most drivers in 2023! She succeeds by being proactive with applicants, understanding their needs, and being a team player to ensure success for all.

Melissa, Recruiter:

Melissa has dedicated 14 years to recruiting in the transportation industry. She understands that a positive attitude can determine how well you do your job. When she isn’t working you can find her traveling, going to concerts, or spending quality time with her family.

Nikia, Recruiter:

Nikia has been with Roadrunner for almost 5 years and has 23 years of industry experience. She recruits with integrity by remaining available to each applicant until they’ve been hired. Nikia knows communication is key to building a successful relationship.

Lasonya, Recruiter:

Over ten years in recruiting has taught Lasonya that time management is critical in helping drivers get hired! She stays in constant communication to help drivers understand the process and get them earning money as quickly as possible.

Stephanie, Recruiter:

Stephanie has over 20 years of experience in recruiting, 12 of which were specifically in transportation. As a recruiter, she understands that transparency is crucial when working with our partners for them to succeed. She loves all things relating to music, travel, and her community!