Give Yourself a Break!

Post Date - Jun 23, 2024

Give Yourself a Break!

Giving yourself a 30-minute break for every 8 hours of driving is required by law. Skipping these required breaks is one of the top hours of service (HOS) violations that drivers receive. Drivers must keep track of “on duty” time and plan for their breaks in advance. Refrain from waiting until the last minute to take your breaks as this could result in a violation.

Best practices indicate that you should take your 30-minute break every 4-6 hours. Another potential infraction is starting to drive before your 30 minutes are completely up. It is a good habit to wait a few minutes after your 30 minutes is complete before you begin to drive again.

Finding places to take your breaks along your route that coincide with desirable break times will pay off in the long run! Orange + Black has your back with our linehaul planners ready to assist you. Speak to our recruiters today about our routes. Apply at

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