Expand Your Fleet with Teams

Post Date - May 16, 2024

Your business expertise plus Roadrunner’s Smart Network opens a world of money-making opportunities. By forming truck driving teams, your fleet can start running more miles and earning more money ($0.20 more per mile).

How to pair up drivers to form successful teams:

  • Ask. Let people know team driving is an option.
  • Keep a list. Often, people will express interest, but you may not have a match at the moment. Keep them in mind for when you do have a match.
  • Let them try it. Let people dip their toe in the water to try it out without committing for a long time.
  • Offer incentives. Encourage your drivers by offering them something extra.

We know you’re not a matchmaker, but you could be! By offering your drivers the chance to team up, you’re offering them a chance to earn more money, and that’s a win-win.

Driver teams at Roadrunner earn an additional $0.20 per mile and run more miles than individual drivers.

Grow Your Fleet with Roadrunner. Orange + Black Has Your Back.

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