What’s your “Why?”  Efren Lopez shares his reason behind driving as an independent contractor

Posted: June 21, 2021

What’s your motivation for being an owner operator? Is it the ability to make more money and schedule your own miles? Maybe it’s the freedom that comes with being your own boss. For Roadrunner’s Efren Lopez, he enjoys all of those perks, but it’s the ability to control his own vacation time that he loves. Efren and his family just returned from spending a week in Mexico. He also likes to take two weeks off in December for the holidays.

“I worked as a company driver for a few years and I could only schedule my vacation time by seniority. I had to get approval from my supervisor and I couldn’t always get time off when I wanted it,” Efren says. “Working with Roadrunner as an independent contractor allows me to work as much as I can and then take longer chunks of time off to do things with my family.”

As an OTR driver, Efren typically drives back and forth from the West Coast to the East Coast. Although he schedules runs so that he can spend months out on the road at a time, he’s usually able to stop at his home in Albuquerque, N.M., once or twice a week as he’s passing through town.

“My kids are 4 and 7 and I try to be with my family as much as I can,” he explains. “It’s hard to be away so much, but I do it this way so that I can relax more with them when I take vacation time.”

Efren has been working with us for the last eight months and he says Roadrunner has been very supportive. When he became an owner operator, he didn’t know how to read settlements or turn in paperwork for things like deadhead miles.

“My fleet coordinator, Camilla, has been very helpful after I told her this was my first time as an independent contractor,” adds Efren. “She’s explained how to do things like scan in my trip sheets, fill out the manifest and read my settlements. She even told me how I was supposed to let her know before I arrive to a destination so that she can have another load ready for me when I’m done. She and Roadrunner overall have been great about helping me navigate this business.”

Like many other independent contractors, Efren has a lease payment to cover every month in addition to bringing home income for his family.

“Roadrunner makes sure they keep me moving when I need to,” he says. “They give me the miles I need, especially with my lease payment. I’m still learning how to be an owner operator, but I’m getting the hang of it with Roadrunner’s help.”

Do you have questions about becoming an independent contractor? Reach out to our team to learn more!

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