Mario Jacotin: Building a successful truck driving business with Roadrunner

Posted: April 19, 2021

Your dreams are worth fighting for! That’s what Mario Jacotin believes and gets up every day focusing on. The 27-year-old from Massachusetts is busy building his truck driving business and partnering with us here at Roadrunner Freight. Mario became a driver five years ago. At the time, he was working to help load trucks at Coca-Cola while going to school to get his EMT-paramedic license.

“One of the drivers I was working with saw potential in me,” says Mario. “He told me that I could make more in trucking than I ever could as a paramedic and told me what I could do to make it possible.”

After getting encouragement from friends and family, Mario decided to get his CDL-A. He started his driving career as a company driver, but eventually he realized his passion was in owning his own business. His plan is to buy his own truck and eventually bring on additional drivers to work with him. At the moment, he’s working through our lease purchase program.

“When I was looking at companies, I compared Roadrunner to others out there and I thought Roadrunner was offering more in terms of equipment, accounts, insurance and a lot of other things,” he explains. “I just knew that partnering with Roadrunner would allow me to buy more trucks and get people on them to make some profit much sooner.”

Mario is four months into a lease purchase. Once this truck is paid off, he plans to invest in another one. He sees a lot of benefit in working with Roadrunner because of our consistent freight and support for small business owners just like him. Mario says that one of his favorite things about working with us is the transparency when it comes to how much he’ll make on each load and our communication. Our Haul NOW app allows him to see available loads and mileage, book the loads he wants and connect with his dispatcher, as well as have access to terminal and company updates, text notifications regarding loads, settlement information and more.

“Roadrunner has provided everything to help me since day one. They have tools to help me keep track of taxes, expenses and receipts. The loads are consistent too,” he adds. “If I’m bringing a load from California to Orlando, I can call ahead and see what I can pick up from Orlando as soon as I’m done making that delivery. I’m able to keep moving as much as I want.”

Although Mario is currently located in New England, he plans to relocate to Florida in the near future to reduce his living expenses. This move, he says, will allow him to build his business even faster. When he’s not on the road, Mario loves to cook and spend time with his sweetheart.

“I hope that drivers see the opportunities Roadrunner is offering. The freight is there and Roadrunner is paying pretty good,” says Mario. “My advice to other drivers is to just go slow and be patient. Be respectful towards your truck, driver manager and the trailer you’re paying for. Most of all, drive carefully.”

Interested in opportunities to partner with Roadrunner? Learn more about our opportunities for owner operators!

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